Feedthru/Connector Integration

Integration of Feedthru’s and Pins for Microwave and RF Packages

Proper feedthru integration is a critical step in the fabrication of your microwave and RF housings. Litron has developed processes specific to each customers housings to ensure you’re getting the highest quality integration possible.

Feedthru/Connector Selection

The first step is sourcing the highest quality feedthru’s possible given the customers specifications. Not all feedthrus are made to the same level of quality, and knowing our vendors plays a key role in getting good quality components. Along with that the Litron staff, from the quality department down to the operators pinning the packages and working the reflow ovens are trained on how to visually inspect each feed that goes into a package.

Fixturing and Process Control

Having the right fixturing during the reflow process and understanding what happens to the flux and the preform during reflow is vital to achieving proper integration. Our engineers work through each part to make sure we understand the process from start to finish.

Part of the integration process is developing process controls that allow us to repeat the process every time we run that part. Even the simplest thing, such as how much flux, is important to achieving repeatable and reliable processes.


We know we’ve achieved success only after we’ve put each part through the testing process. After feedthru integration all housings are solder bridge tested, open face fine leak checked and then put through an 8–10-hour Thermal Cycle and then leak checked again. We’re confident that the housings we’re sending to your facility meet the testing standards you’ll be subjecting them to.