Terms And Conditions


  • All other conditions according to “General Trade Definitions”
  • Customer to provide all drawings at time of purchase order
  • Please reference this quotation number on purchase order
  • Standard Litron tolerances applied unless otherwise noted
  • Litron does not assume liability for the part design
  • Lead times are based on current production capacity and availability of purchased components at the time of quote. Final lead times may be affected by changes in market conditions and/or volatility of those purchased components
  • Lead times are also pending all required finalized documentation and designs
  • Litron requests drawing models to be supplied when available, this will assist Litron during the initial phase of a project and will aid our ability to meet delivery commitments
  • Delivery will be confirmed at time of order confirmation
  • If this quote is for the creation of prototype or development units, Litron reserves the right to quote additional tooling necessary for subsequent production orders
  • In the case of customer supplied or specified suppliers, delivery will be confirmed on receipt of raw material or components

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Payment terms = NET 30 days, FOB Litron. Additional finance charge may apply for all invoices paid in excess of payment terms
  • Litron will package all shipments using “best method” practices. When special packaging, handling, or protection is required in accordance with the purchase order, drawings or specifications, Litron reserves the right to quote packaging requirements separately.
  • Pricing shown is budgetary and may change due to an increase in material pricing at time of order
  • Customer issuance of PO is confirmation that Litron Terms and Conditions of Sales are accepted
  • Litron reserves the right to re-evaluate pricing if Englehard Gold Fabricated price fluctuates greater than 5% from price at time of quote
  • Quote valid for 30 days
  • See web site for Sales Terms and Conditions

Export compliance

  • These products may be subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations, including but not limited to the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) and the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”), and may not be resold, diverted, transferred, transshipped, or otherwise be disposed of in any other country without valid authorization from the U.S. government. In addition, elated technical data may not be disclosed, exported or transferred in any manner abroad or to any non-U.S. person without valid authorization from the U.S. government. Litron may require end-use and/or end-user information for the parts quoted as part of our export compliance obligations. Should an order be forthcoming, end-se and end-user information may be necessary at time of order placement

Quotes & Sales Order

  • For all Non-US based customers, by accepting this quote or sales order, you are confirming that you and your end customer will not use Litron’s products in or with nuclear-related activity, missile, chemical or biological weapon, or any other military item. If you will use Litron’s products for any such application, Litron is required to understand the details of your specific end use so that Litron can assure compliance with all applicable U.S. export control laws and regulations