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Open Air Laser Services Video

Video Transcript

Litron offers the finest welding services for microelectronic packages, medical implant devices, aerospace parts, and other precision components.

We use laser-processing modules of the highest quality, including:

  • Trumpf Yag Lasers, for both Pulse and CW Welding, with Power Levels from 5-Watt to 500-Watt, and Beam Sizes from as small as 5 thousandths to as large as 50 thousandths; and
  • Fanuc Controllers, which allow for the highest level of process repeatability.

Our lasers can handle everything from high-precision, high-volume components, to the most intricate implantable device.

Whatever your need – whether it’s low-cost high-volume projects, or precision hermetic sealing on medical devices – Litron has it covered.

For high-speed laser cutting of cannulas and medical tubing, we utilize a state-of-the-art automated bar feed tube cutting machine, capable of producing a part every thirty seconds.

Our laser capabilities also include alphanumeric serialization, bar coding and other markings able to withstand the autoclaving process.

Hardened steel, tool steels, and delicate components can be etched or marked using legible characters as small as fifteen thousandths of an inch high.

In addition to our quality laser work, Litron also offers: prototype to production services; engineering services to help in the joint design and fit-ups; material selection; and custom tooling

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the weld. We offer complete testing and quality assurance, including: statistically validated processes; leak and pressure testing; cross-section analysis; pull testing; and one-hundred percent visual inspection on all parts.