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Laser Tube Cutting Video

Video Transcript

Litron provides a dedicated high-quality manufacturing environment for your medical device components. Our long-term experience in laser cutting, drilling, and welding has led to the creation of a specialized manufacturing process, focusing on tube-based medical device components.

We specialize in laser cutting of tubes and cannulas for the following markets:

  • Laparoscopy;
  • Gastrointestinal;
  • Urology;
  • Arthroscopy;
  • Wound Closure; and
  • Ophthalmology.

As medical devices continue to get smaller, lasers are becoming the only viable way to economically manufacture critical device components. Whether it’s laser tube cutting or welding of a clevis pin, Litron has the solution

With this state-of-the-art tube cutting process, we can produce a finished part every thirty seconds, while running 24/7 lights-out operation.

Our clients are also free to choose the tubing source that is right for their device, whether they use Litron as their supply chain manager, or an independent component manufacturer.

With Litron, you are building a relationship with a high-quality US manufacturer of finished tube components.