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Hermetic Microwave Package Fabrication Video

Video Transcript

You can turn the total production of your component packages over to Litron. We will machine and plate the housings, install feedthrus, ship them to you for population with microelectronic components, manufacture the lids, and seal your packages with Litron’s precision laser welding.

Our facilities are equipped with complete computerized drawing, programming, cost estimating and CNC machining control.

Following your specifications for leads, connectors and solder performs, Litron will insert the feedthrus, ready for your to populate the enclosures with your components.

Other production services include: housing fabricationl package and lid machining; gold plating; welding of connectors; vapor degreasing; thermal shock testing; and package leak testing.

Our testing and compliance services include:

  • Leak testing per MIL-PRF-38534E
  • Compliance to MIL-STD-883
  • Metollographic weld analysis
  • Compliance to MIL-I-45208A, MIL-STD-45662 and MIL-Q9858A