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Glovebox Hermetic Laser Sealing Video

Video Transcript

Litron is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality hermetic environment for the welding and sealing of hi-rel electronic packages.

Our ISO Class 7 Clean Room is ESD Certified, from the equipment and structure to the personnel working on your parts. The room is equipped with ESD safe flooring, HEPA Filters, Laminar Flow Benches, and a Positive Pressure Environment. We’ve incorporated ESD monitoring stations throughout the room, and each employee uses connected and monitored wrist-straps to ensure that all those handling your parts are completely grounded

Our Clean Room is compliant and certified to the highest standards.

In addition, we utilize constant humidity control monitors to maintain a forty percent humidity environment, which ensures the dissipation of static electricity, and keeps airborne particles to a minimum.

Litron’s hermetic equipment includes:

  • Two Inert Gloveboxes;
  • Four Vacuum Ovens; and
  • Trumpf Yag Lasers.

We can fully test your parts within our Class 10K cleanroom, using:

  • Fine Leak Detecting;
  • Gross Leak Detecting; and
  • Helium Pressure Bombing.

Your parts are received and packaged within our Clean Room area for complete control.