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Cross Section

Cross Sectioning allows Litron to investigate the form (weld style, nugget shape) and the function (Hermeticity, strength) of a weld. Both the longitudinal and the perpendicular / oblique cross sections can be used to examine various aspects of the weld.

Longitudinal Cross Section

  • Weld root variability
  • Overlap and heat input
  • Hermeticity

Perpendicular / Oblique Cross Section

  • Penetration and Strength
  • Nugget shape
  • Joint alignment

Cross Sectioning utilizes various equipment inside and outside the Lab. Initial cuts can be made using the low speed diamond saw in the lab or an abrasive cutoff machine in the Machine shop. Acrylic potting material is available and employed when necessary. The Lab is equipped with variable speed polishing wheels and a fume hood for acid etching. Located in the QC Lab is a machinist scope where the cross sections may be viewed, measured and photographed.