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Laser Hermetic Sealing

laser-sealing-medicalLaser Hermetic Sealing Services for the Medical Industry

Laser Hermetic Sealing of Implantable Medical DevicesLitron is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality hermetic environment for the laser welding and laser sealing of medical implantable devices. To ensure your components are fully protected, we have a Class 10K cleanroom equipped with state-of-the-art laser welding and sealing systems and testing centers.

Class 10K Cleanroom

  • Positive Pressure Environment
  • HEPA Filters
  • Laminar Flow Benches – for added cleanliness
  • Independently certified gowning area
  • ESD Safe Flooring
  • Earth Grounded

Fully Compliant

  • ESD Compliant
  • Welding MIL-PRF-38534E
  • MIL-SPEC-883, MIL-SPEC-202

Testing Capabilities

  • Pressure Bombing per MIL Standard 883
  • Metallurgical Lab Testing with mounting, cross sectioning and high power weld analysis capabilities
  • MIL Gross Leak Testing
  • MIL Fine Leak Testing

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