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Supply Chain Management

Managing the project from start to finish

No more running from vendor to vendor, quality checking each step before passing the part to the next vendor. At Litron we’ll control the process from start to finish saving you time, money and most importantly stress!


It all starts with a plan. Litron will work with your purchasing and/or production manager to understand the timeline and the requirements. A documented outline of the process will be created and reviewed in detail with you. Knowing each other’s expectations is important in creating a plan that will meet or exceed those expectations. During the planning stage we’ll work with you come up with the criteria for validating the process, performing PFMEA’s and Gage R&R’s as well as any other requirements you may have.


Our quality control department makes sure that each and every part meets and/or exceeds your requirements. The quality control team inspects your parts at each phase of production so we can catch things long before they become an issue.


Through our extensive network of material vendors, we’ll source your material to the specifications required. No need to have the material shipped to your facility only to again be shipped to us. We’ll even keep material on hand if needed to ensure we can meet your quick turn needs.


While we don’t have every service under our roof we do have a network of qualified vendors at our disposal. We’ll manage their timeline, quality inspect their parts and ensure they are meeting the guidelines and delivery dates required.


We know how important it is to have parts in-spec and on-time. When we’re managing the supply chain, we take full responsibility for ensuring your parts are at your receiving dock when you need them.

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