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Metal Belt Welding and Belt Cutting Services

When Precision, Motion and Timing Matter…

Laser cutting and welding services for manufacturing of metal indexing belts and conveyor belts. Litron can take your sheet metal belt material, cut it to size and weld it together for a virtually seamless fit-up.

Typical Metal Belt Applications:

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts for Food
Metal Conveyor Belts for Products
Stainless Steel Indexing Belts
Metal Vacuum Belts
Specialty Metal Belts

Styles of Metal Belts:

Plain Sheet Metal Belts
Perforated Belts

Metal Belt Materials:

We can laser weld and laser cut a variety of metals for your belt applications. Typically we see belts made from stainless steel and carbon steel for their strength and durability.

Metal Belt Sizes:

Litron can laser cut thicknesses from .001″ up to .040″ and can work with widths up to 18″ wide.