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Laser Systems

Custom Built Laser Systems for Welding, Sealing and Cutting

Litron's Laser Welding SystemLitron develops world-class laser systems for glovebox hermetic sealing and laser welding. The moment you’re ready to bring hermetic sealing inside, we’ll be ready to support you with the same proven high precision components Litron’s state-of-the-art facility uses every day:

  • TRUMPF YAG lasers
  • FANUC controllers
  • MBraun glove boxes
  • Litron’s Toolworker™ Software

From concept through installation, training and support, we bring world-class standards to you.

We Use The Laser Systems We Build

We not only stand behind our laser systems, we use the exact same equipment for our own contract services! We know first-hand that our laser systems have ultra-high reliability and the flexibility to suit a wide range of production needs.


  • Trumpf Yag Lasers
  • 22P, 62P, 124P, 204P, 304P, 353D, 101P
  • High Velocity Soot Removal Systems
  • FANUC Controllers
  • Pulse and CW (Continuous Wave) Lasers
  • Centrally located and independently monitored inert gas system

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