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Microwave and RF Package Plating

High precision plating of microwave and RF packages

litron-plating-lineLitron is truly a turn-key solution. After we’ve manufactured your microwave and RF housings, we can do all the plating in-house! This allows for a tighter controlled process and quicker turn-around from start to finish for the fabrication of your housings.

Plating Lines

The main plating line is dedicated to plating of aluminum housings and lids, with finishes consisting of electroless nickel, gold, yellow chromate, and clear chromate.

Our secondary lines allow for the plating of housings and lids made of steel and kovar, with finishes that include copper, electrolytic nickel, and silver along with the passivation of stainless steel.

Both lines are setup for rack plating, however accommodations can be made for the ability of barrel plating as needed.

Environmentally Sensitive

Litron has a focus on being environmentally responsible with our plating facility and have taken the necessary precautions to make sure we’re meeting strict EPA standards.

  • The entire plating line is inside a berm area with double containment to protect the environment (epoxy coated floor with a ½” plastic tray over it).
  • All processing tanks are connected to a ventilation system with fume scrubbers to ensure clean air is being exhausted into the environment.
  • All rinse waters are waste treated through a closed loop system and recycled.

Analysis and Inspection

Our plating laboratory has been built to accommodate the ability for analysis on all processing chemistries, along with an x-ray fluorescence analyzer to confirm plating thicknesses.

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