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Laser Welding Workstation Specifications

Litron Laser Systems are custom built for your process. We routinely adapt our standard systems to special requirements. Call Litron now or request a quote today!

Laser Options
Power Range Nd:YAG CW: 200W-4000W Pulsed: 21W-556W
Typical Cooling System Air or water, depending on power.
Laser Supplier TRUMPF – For specifications see:
Motion System
Typical X Ranges 4” to 30” Typical Y Ranges 8” to 28”
Typical Z Ranges 5” to 10” Typical B Axis Tilting Z +/- 35º
Typical Accuracy 15-25um, depending on travel Typical Repeatability 1um
Table Manufacturers Danaher, Lintech
Software Litron Toolworker™. Runs on standard PC platform.
Vision Integrated digital camera, programmable.
Process Gas Integrated variable flow process gas (Fixed or Flexible Nozzle)
Power Measurement Integrated work piece power meter
Audit/Validation Tools Audit trail of machine and operator actions
SQL interface to machine and productivity data
Customized I/O Provision for customer defined pneumatics and other i/o
CNC/PMC Controller FANUC
Operator Interface PC / Windows / RAID Data Protection
Touch Screen (standard option)
Direct Laser and Motion control  from PC
Laser & Operator Safety
CDRH Laser Safety Class I (no special operator protection required). If Class IV operation is required, facility safety features (room interlocks, curtains, etc) can be integrated by Litron.
Lightgreen Color, VLT 70% Laser Safety GlassViewing Window OD 4+ @ 200-400nm OD 3+ @ 808-1070nm
OD 4+  860-1070nm OD 6+ @1064nm
OD 5+ @ 10600nm
Automatic Door Safety Stop Strip (Pinch Pad)
Motion Control Over travel limits
Emergency Stop Mushroom buttons on frame and laser
Interlocks Motion and laser safety interlocks
Laser Station Frame
Standard Height 85”
Standard Depth 36”
Standard Width 48”
Frame Construction 1/8” Thick Sheet Metal. Stages rest on 1” steel frame plate.
Footing, Mobility Heavy duty casters. Seismic support available. Floor leveling feet.
Storage Storage cabinet in base with adjustable shelf
Workspace Clear open table area – easy to clean out
Facility Requirements
Voltage 208 Volts 3PH+N+PE Amperage 30 AMPS
Pneumatics Nitrogen or Compressed Air (80 psi)
Chilled water
(if required)
5-25C, 6bar max, flow 2.5 m/hr typical at 2bar
Soot Removal System Ophir Power Measurement Device


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