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Full Laser Glovebox System Specifications

Litron Laser Systems are custom built for your process. We routinely adapt our standard systems to special requirements. Call Litron now or request a quote today!

Laser Options
Laser Type Nd:YAG (Pulsed and/or CW) Average Power 140 Watt – 530 Watt
Peak Power 6 kW – 10 kW Peak Energy Up to 100 Joules
Typical Cooling System Air or water, depending on power.
Laser Supplier TRUMPF – For specifications see:
Motion System
Typical X Ranges 12” to 24” Typical Y Ranges 12” to 24”
Typical Z Ranges 10” – 18” Typical B Axis Tilting Z +/- 35º
Typical Accuracy
/ Repeatability
30/3 um Table Manufacturers Danaher, Lintech
Software Litron Toolworker™. Runs on standard PC platform.
Vision Integrated digital camera, programmable.
Chamber Gas Nitrogen or Argon gas, Helium mixer controls 0-50% +/- 1%, Oxygen and moisture <1PPM.
Power Measurement Integrated work piece power meter CNC/PMC Controller FANUC FA America
Audit/Validation Tools Audit trail of machine and operator actions
SQL interface to machine and productivity data
Customized I/O Provision for customer-defined pneumatics and other I/O
Operator Interface PC / Windows / RAID data protection touch screen (standard option)
Direct laser and motion control  from PC Hands-free cycle start foot pedal
Fully automatic regulation of box pressure, purge control, purifier regeneration
Duel MPG – Manual jog and alignment with hands in or out of the box
Vacuum Ovens & Antechambers
Programming Fully programmable antechamber/oven cycles
Temp profiling Pressure profiling
Dynamic cycle adjustment Unlimited number of oven and antechamber “recipes”
Tool Pass-Through Mini-antechamber for small tool pass-through
Pumps Dry scroll vacuum pumps (oil free) Temperature 150C standard, higher optional
Pressure <  5 x 10-3 kPa (suitable for  MIL-STD 883)
Automated Doors Automated door on ovens and antechambers
Door Safety Atmosphere protected by door interlocks and ”crash free” part protection (ultrasonic interlocks)
Laser & Operator Safety
CDRH Laser Safety Class I (no special operator protection required).
Lightgreen Color, VLT 70% Laser
Safety Glass
OD 4+ @ 200-400nm OD 3+ @ 808-1070nm OD 4+  860-1070nm
OD 6+ @1064nm OD 5+ @ 10600nm
Emergency Stop Mushroom buttons Motion Control Over travel limits
Interlocks Motion and laser safety interlocks including light curtain operator protection
Glovebox Specifications
Footprint 74” tall x 174” wide x 58” deep
Interior Brightly light, all stainless steel interior with extra space for test equipment and instruments.
Processing Workspace 58” W x 33.5” H x 39” D Staging Area 48” W x 33.5” H x 20” D
Part Safety ESD protections and trolley system for transfer of parts from staging area to laser welding box
Soot Removal Suitable for aluminum, titanium and steel alloy dust (most metal dusts)
Safety ball valves for dust free removal of soot collection vessels without contaminating the box
Facility Requirements for Glovebox System
Voltage 208 Volts 3 PH+N+PE Amperage 40 AMPS
Pneumatics Nitrogen or compressed air (80 psi)
Chilled Water
(if required)
5-25C, 6bar max, flow 2.5 m/hr typical at 2bar
Lower pressure and higher temperatures available Desiccant drying oven

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