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Compact Laser Glovebox Systems

Robust Litron System Ideal for Lower Volumes

Custom Built Compact Laser Sealing Glovebox Workstations

Built on the foundation of Litron’s Full Size Glovebox System, this Class 1 precision motion and sealing system is ideal for low volume shops that need to keep control of their processes. The Compact Glovebox comes complete with easy and flexible tools for operators, engineers, and process quality auditors and is assembled with top-of-the line components and unified with Litron’s Toolworker software.

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Top-Of-The-Line Lasers & Controls:

All of our laser sealing systems utilize TRUMPF laser work cells. Litron takes this technology and seamlessly integrates it into our state-of-the-art laser glovebox systems. In addition all Litron laser systems are controlled using FANUC FA America CNCs to insure accurate and repeatable motion.

Complete With Litron ToolWorker™

Litron Toolworker™ software suite provides a process control platform for all stages of manufacturing, from research to finished product.

Litron Toolworker™ software is built with extensive datalogging of process and operator activity to assist compliance with regulatory requirements. Realtime and historical data at your fingertips!

Data-Log Everything

  • Batch History
  • Oxygen, Moisture & Helium Levels
  • Process Snapshots
  • History of Critical Parameters
  • Environment Conditions
  • Oven Temperatures
  • And more

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