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Laser Systems


Glovebox Laser Systems and Open Air Laser Systems

Litron develops world-class laser systems for glovebox hermetic sealing and laser welding, cutting and drilling services. The moment you’re ready to bring hermetic sealing inside, we’ll be ready to support you with the same proven high precision components Litron’s state-of-the-art facility uses every day:

Our engineering staff can assist in the optimal design of a custom laser system to meet your toughest industry and application requirements. Because we provide a wide range of outsourcing and job-shop services, we’re pros at adapting systems for seamless custom production with strict adherence to specifications and quality.

Whether you need a Laser Cutting / Drilling System, Laser Welding System or a Glovebox Laser Sealing System Litron has the equipment and resources to provide a top of the line product.