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Litron’s Plating Line is up and Running

Litron’s Plating Line is up and Running

Litron Inc., of Agawam MA has officially turned on their tanks and is running parts.

Why Setup a Plating Line?

In a time when plating shops are more likely to close, then to see a new one open, it begs the question why start one up? “The parts we manufacture here at Litron are extremely critical parts for Aerospace and Military applications. Controlling as much of the manufacturing process as possible is critical to a successful end product” says Mike Sacco, Plating Line Manager at Litron.

What will they Plate?

Unlike your traditional plating shop, Litron’s lab has been built specifically for their customers parts. “If the part hasn’t come off of our spindles, it won’t go into our tanks” says Mark Plasse, President at Litron Inc. “It’s important to us and our customers that we control everything going through our line and the only way to do that is only send the parts we’ve manufactured in there.”

“We’re dealing with extremely precise components that require the absolute best plating available” says Sacco. “The hi-rel electronic packages we’re plating will see the most demanding environments anywhere. The smallest contamination from any outside process could wreak havoc in a bath, so only plating the parts we machine is key to our control”.

A Two Phase Approach

They aren’t done yet. The plating line has been staged for a two phase launch, with the initial phase being for nickel, gold and chem film plating of aluminum housings. While not completely finalized, stage two will allow them to plate on materials such as Kovar, Stainless Steel and even Titanium. “As our customers continue to work with different materials for the base housings, we’ll continue to look at different plating baths and what makes sense for our line” say Sacco. “We want to offer our customers the variety they need for plating their parts, and we’ll evaluate each solution to ensure it makes sense for all parties”.

About Litron

Founded in 1997, Litron, Inc. is a worldwide provider of custom laser systems and a leading supplier to the aerospace, defense, and medical industries for contract manufacturing services in laser welding, hermetic sealing, and hermetic package fabrication.