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Litron “Makes the Mark”

Litron “Makes the Mark”

Bringing Laser Marking In-House

Along with their recent growth and expansion of facilities, Litron has taken a further step to becoming a ‘one-stop-solution’ for Laser Services by bringing Laser Marking in-house. The addition of this service gives Litron’s customers the added benefit of being able to have their components marked/engraved to specification without leaving the building.

Medical and Aerospace Marking/Engraving

Litron primarily services the Aerospace and Medical industries and along with the laser welding and sealing needs, these industries typically have some type of marking need as well. “With Laser Marking, we now offer an additional value added service to the packages and component’s we’re already working with each day”, says Chris Stefaniak, Process Engineer under the Electronic Packaging division of Litron.

Secrets Cost Money

When Laser Welders and Job Shops aren’t open and seem to be hiding “their process”, you can almost bet they’re hiding more then a process. When you don’t know the process you don’t know where the costs are coming from and that means it’s easy to get caught lining some ones pockets. “At Litron we show you the process, break down the hours and detail the costs. You’re never stuck with a quote and no explanation” says Plasse. “We account for every hour going into your project, and make sure you are charged a fair rate in return”.

About Litron

Founded in 1997, Litron, Inc. is a worldwide provider of custom laser systems and a leading supplier to the aerospace, defense, and medical industries for contract manufacturing services in laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing, and hi-rel electronic packaging.