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Finding the Right Vendor

When your business is composed of critical components for the Aerospace and Medical industries, manufacturing becomes the highest priority.  Whether it’s the machining of a hi-rel aerospace package or hermetic sealing of an implantable medical device, adhering to proper regulations is imperative.  The challenge becomes finding a vendor that has the capabilities and facility to provide a timely product while following specific guidelines of each unique component.

The Good News

Litron has a state of the art facility designed specifically for the Aerospace and Medical industries.  We can machine hi-rel electronic packages, laser weld Class III implantable medical devices and hermetically seal components for both, all while meeting your demanding requirements.  At Litron we’ve taken into consideration the critical nature of Aerospace and Medical components so you feel confident sending us your parts from prototype to full production.

Understanding Your Parts

Litron knows that just delivering your parts is not enough; we make it our priority to understand each part that comes through our facility. We believe that understanding the part and what it will be used for is just as important as manufacturing it.

This level of comprehension starts from the very beginning. Our package fabrication division doesn’t just machine the housings, they inspect each part with a 40X microscope and hand debure to ensure any unwanted metal is not left behind which could cause a PIN-D failure. This level of detail and review allows your electronic package to flow through the rest of the manufacturing process seamlessly.

Handling of Critical Components

Many of the components that come through our facility require proper handling to ensure the critical nature of the parts will function and perform to the highest quality throughout their life cycle. Litron has set up procedures to ensure that each part is handled with care the entire time they are within our facility. Litron employees are trained on proper handling of components and there are procedures covering from the time the components are received to the time they are packaged and out for delivery.

Your parts are safe at every step within our facility from our ESD safe carts that we use to transfer parts and keep each project organized to our Class 10K Cleanroom which is equipped with state-of-the-art ESD safe flooring, humidity controls and constant workstation monitors.

Litron is not just a vendor; we’re a partner in the success of your parts. Contact Litron today to find out how they can help facilitate your next project!