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Building Products that Save Lives

Helping Manufacture Life Saving Devices

Litron Inc., of Agawam MA plays an active role in manufacturing medical implant devices that are helping to save the lives of adults and children around the world.

US Designed and Manufactured, Italian Tested

According to a Fox News report entitled “Doctors save baby with smallest artificial heart” on, Published May 24th, 2012 | Reuters, an infant sized Jarvik Heart pump (more formally known as the Jarvik® 2000 Infant Ventricular Assist Device or VAD) was used to save the life of a 16 month old Italian baby boy.

The Jarvik infant heart pump is the world’s smallest artificial heart ever manufactured and used in a living person. The pump helped keep the baby boy alive until a transplant was available. Due to the extreme and critical nature of the boy’s condition, Jarvik was given permission by the FDA and the hospital was granted permission by both Jarvik and the Italian Health Ministry to utilize the infant pump.

It Takes a Team

Before the pump could ever be considered in this procedure, it of course needed to be designed, manufactured and tested. This is where the Jarvik and Litron team came together to provide a final product ready for testing. After Jarvik was finished manufacturing the components, Litron was called on to join those components via laser welding.

“Jarvik heart came to Litron about two years ago” says Mike Chmura, Laser Services Manager, Litron Inc. “They were in need of a vendor that was qualified to laser weld Jarvik components to ensure a robust, reliable product. We’ve worked with dozens of medical device and component companies over the years, so we knew we would be a good fit for Jarvik, and vice-versa”.

“Litron has been very accommodating while working with JHI as we develop the Infant VAD. said John Teal, Project Manager for the Infant VAD , at Jarvik Heart. “They’ve been very agile and adept at adapting to our ever-changing requests and requirements driven by the dynamic environment that is medical device research and development.”

“We’re extremely proud to be working on this and the other Jarvik devices” says Brendan Fullam, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Litron Inc. “Knowing we’re helping manufacture products that save lives gives all of our operators and staff a lot of satisfaction. We look forward to our continued relationship with Jarvik.”download full movie Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

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About Litron

Founded in 1997, Litron, Inc. is a worldwide provider of custom laser systems and a leading supplier to the aerospace, defense, and medical industries for contract manufacturing services in laser welding, hermetic sealing, and hermetic package fabrication.