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15 Years in Business

15 Years of Quality Laser Services and Counting

2012 marks 15 years of business for Litron Inc. of Agawam MA. Since 1997 when Litron officially incorporated, their motto has always been “our customers come first”. This philosophy and their dedication to quality have helped them become a leader in the laser services industry.

Dedicated to Their Customers

Each step in their growth has been made with their customers in mind, from the expansion of the laser welding services division to include laser tube cutting and laser marking to the addition of medical device assembly for their medical customers and a new building to offer turn-key package fabrication for their aerospace customers.

“Our customers have literally built our business” says Mark Plasse, President. “They’ve ‘pushed’ us into areas we may have never thought of going with the business; and it’s been for the best”.

What will 2012 Bring?

The New Year will be an exciting time for Litron as they bring on several new Medical Device customers and expand their service offerings in the Aerospace field. “Our plating line is probably the single biggest addition for 2012” says Plasse. “Adding this service will bring our Aerospace division one step closer to being 100% vertically integrated”.

Looking Beyond

With two facilities and spanning the Aerospace and Medical markets, you might question where Litron is headed next? “We’ll continue to bring on capabilities that complement our core services and look towards emerging fields when appropriate” says Plasse. “The best part is we’re not locked into any one direction. We look forward to seeing what the future holds”.

About Litron

Founded in 1997, Litron, Inc. is a worldwide provider of custom laser systems and a leading supplier to the aerospace, defense, and medical industries for contract manufacturing services in laser welding, hermetic sealing, and hermetic package fabrication.

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