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Laser Welding & Cutting Workstations

Laser Welding WorkstationPrecision, high performance, cover gas laser welding systems
Litron provides high quality, precision laser welding stations built to meet your product assembly specifications. These CNC Laser Stations are Class I Welding Systems built with top of the line components and running Litron designed and programmed software.

The Workstation:

The Litron cover gas welding systems are integrated Class I CNC/laser work systems containing robust enclosures, laser, and motion systems linked with computer controls designed specifically for open-air laser welding.

Our systems are designed to consistently weld, laser cut and/or laser drill platinum, titanium, kovar, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and other metals using a process gas, with complete process control for each component.

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The Laser:

All of our laser systems utilize Trumpf laser work cells. Trumpf is a leader in the manufacturing of laser work cells for medical, industrial and aerospace applications. Litron takes this technology and seamlessly integrates it into a top-of-the-line cover gas laser workstation. Trumpf carries a wide array of lasers so we can chose one that carries enough power for your application(s) without going overboard.

The Software:

The Litron Toolworker™ software suite provides a process control platform for all stages of manufacturing, from research to finished product. From simple "pick the part #" operation for lightly trained operators to detailed process control and debugging tools for sophisticated engineers, Litron Toolworker harnesses your machine for maximum productivity.
  • Job-oriented services such as bar coding, serial numbers and lot-tracking add convenience.
  • Easy configuration — call up recipes for any series of parts across various job levels
  • Overview management — examine historical data for productivity measurements. Operator actions are time-stamped and recorded.
  • Simplified development — work out processes piece by piece and stitch them into a seamless whole.
  • Rework Tools — portions of a part can be rewelded selectively by operator without special programming

Litron Toolworker™ is hosted on a rugged PC built specially for Litron and equipped with a RAID-array backup to protect against disk drive failure.

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